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SERVICES: Legal services for not-for-profits and small businesses

What’s this? A legal firm that lists many of its services and prices upfront?

We at Greater Good want to give you as much predictability as possible when purchasing legal services. That means being open and honest about what we charge. It also means making commitments about what our services will cost.

If you don’t see a price or a service below, don’t worry, we’ll discuss it and make sure we agree on what services we will provide and the associated fee. We’ll also identify the tasks that each of us must perform and develop a schedule for completion.

Initial consultation regarding nonprofit start-up: $75

Up to 1 hour. Is it the right choice for you?

Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation – articles of incorporation: $500

Does not include filing fee or advertising fee.

Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation – bylaws: $250 (simple); $500 (more complex)

IRS Form 1023 EZ: $250

Does not include filing fee.

IRS Form 1023: capped fee of $2,000

Does not include filing fee.

IRS Form 1024: capped fee of $2,000

Does not include filing fee.

Reinstatement of revoked IRS tax exempt status due to failure to file organizational tax returns for 3 consecutive years: capped fee of $1,500

Organizational document compliance review: $850

Review of articles of incorporation, bylaws, IRS determination letter, state charitable registration, state sales tax license and other organizational documents for compliance with applicable law and consistency with each other.

Broader compliance review: $1,250

All of the above plus review of board policies, fund-raising practices and lobbying and political activity.

Pennsylvania sales tax exemption application: $1,000

Local real estate tax exemption appeal: $1,000

Before tax assessment board.

Donation of real estate to charitable organization (donor side): $1,500

Fees for the following services will be determined following conversation with client and familiarity with matter:

  • Real estate leases (office space and the like)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Other collaborations (shared staff/shared space/joint ventures)
  • Nonprofit organization reorganizations – formation of endowment foundations for example

For-profit entity formation (corporation/LLC): $600.00

Does not include filing or advertising fee.

For-profit bylaws (corporation – simple): $200.00

Operating agreement for LLC (simple): $300.00

Shareholders’/Buy-Sell Agreement (simple): $300.00

Fees for the following services will be determined following conversation with client and familiarity with matter:

  • More complex operating agreements and shareholders’/buy-sell agreements;
  • Product sales documents including warranties, disclaimers and limitations of liability;
  • Real estate leases
  • Merger and acquisitions

Employee handbook review: $1,200.00

Employee separation agreements: $700.00

Employment agreement review: $550.00

Employment agreement preparation: $650.00

Non-compete agreements (review): $400.00

Non-compete agreements (prepare): $650.00

Employment application review: $300.00

Independent contractor agreement (review): $550.00

Independent contractor agreement (preparation): $650.00

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