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OUR MISSION: To contribute to the greater good by helping you pursue your mission.

You do the important work of building stronger communities. You take care of the homeless and the hungry, the sick and the dying, the young and the old. You fight for justice. You create jobs and opportunities for individuals and families.

Our mission is to provide the legal support you need, in ways that work for you, so you can be even more effective at doing the good that you do.

OUR VISION: Let’s make the world a better place—together.

We want to change the way legal services are provided to non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals and families so that you can be more successful in building your communities.

Most law offices serve the lawyer as much as they serve you, the client. This means that they provide services – often at high hourly rates — without communicating how long they’ll take. Frequently, the lawyer doesn’t contact you until he or she completes the job. And, generally, lawyers do not share their knowledge or expertise unless you pay for it.

We think that this way of doing business doesn’t support you as well as it should. You do not have large amounts of money to spend. You need to know how much a project will cost, the status of its progress, and when it will be completed.

Here’s how our work together will be different.

We will keep costs down.

Greater Good does not have a pricey office, expensive computer network, phone system, extra staff, or other costly overhead. We will keep prices reasonable by leveraging technology to create a nimble, virtual, cost-efficient office. Our costs savings are your lower fees.

We will be upfront about prices.

Check out our services. You’ll see that we set boundaries around our fees whenever we reasonably can so that you can budget accordingly.

We will work together.

We’ll listen to you and communicate with you so we understand how to help you best. And we’ll work with you every step of the way so that you never feel left out of the process.

We can even help you identify other advisors and consultants to take your organization to the next level.

We will contribute to building our community.

Not only will we assist you in making your vision a reality, we’ll give back to our community.

We will seek other professionals who desire a greater good.

Greater Good welcomes inquiries from attorneys licensed in Pennsylvania who are drawn to our mission and are interested in working with us on an independent contractor “of counsel” basis. We are particularly in search of attorneys whose skill sets will enable us to expand our offerings to organizations and individuals that typically are not able to afford or access traditional legal services. We value equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. Interested and qualified individuals may contact us at

Let’s work together to make where you live and work a better place.

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