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A message from Mark and Anne

Greater Good LLC (also known as Greater Good Legal) is excited to announce that Mark D. Aurand, the founder and principal of Greater Good LLC, has accepted a position with the County of Northampton in the County Controller’s Office and will not be practicing law on a full-time basis.

Mark D. Aurand and Anne K. Millham, formerly “of counsel” to Greater Good LLC, are now serving as “of counsel” to Steven N. Goudsouzian, LLC, d/b/a Goudsouzian & Associates. Steven and his team are available to assist you with your legal service needs.

Contact information for Goudsouzian & Associates:

You may, of course, seek representation from another attorney should you wish to do so.

Thank you to our clients for your business over the last five-plus years. It has been a privilege to work with you all, and to in some small way, support the important work you do in the community.

We look forward to helping you in the future through our new affiliation.

Mark and Anne